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We always need fosters! If you are interested in fostering pugs, please fill out the fostering application.

What's Involved in Fostering Pugs
Being a foster family for an SPR pug requires the same qualities needed to provide a good home for any pug—first and foremost: a lot of love. A good foster family has a willingness to care for a confused pug who needs that love and has no idea why his life has become so disrupted. Being familiar and experienced with the breed is helpful and having other pugs in the home, as well as a fenced yard, can be an advantage.

Foster families are responsible for providing food and water; a safe, clean and warm home; medicalcare; and the unconditional love and attention so desperately needed by the pug when he or she is turned over to SPR. While a pug is in foster care, the foster family helps to build up sagging self confidence, reinforce basic obedience commands and modify or reinforce good behavior as needed (including housetraining).

Foster families help to evaluate the pug’s personality and temperament, important information needed in order to find the best possible forever home for him or her. A foster family’s impact is vital in preparing the rescue pug for a smooth transition to his new adoptive home. Be forewarned, foster pugs often find a special place in the heart of their foster families. In fact, SPR "loses" many good foster homes when they decide to adopt their foster pug and become their forever home.

We're looking for fosters not just in Seattle, but from Olympia to Everett.

Fostering not your thing? There are lots of other ways to volunteer:

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If you have questions about volunteering for Seattle Pug Rescue, contact rescue@seattlepugs.com. We will respond to your inquiry as quickly as possible.

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