Success Stories

Take a look at some of the many, many pugs who have been cared for by Seattle Pug Rescue and placed into loving forever homes. Some are surrendered by owners who can no longer care for their pug and want to make sure it gets placed in a good home. Some are rescued from abusive situations. A few are strays.

What they all have in common is their ability to give love and loyalty to the people who would have them as a part of their families.

Here are some picture and stories of a few of our many successful placements over the last few years. If you have a story to share, please email us at


Phoebe came to SPR from the Tacoma Humane Society after being found as a stray. She was adopted and spent almost 2 years with her adopter, but her adopter fell and broke her hip and was unable to care for Phoebe any longer, so she came to live with us and it was our lucky day! She was a little old pug, full of mischief, determination, personality, and was the most loving girl.

Phoebe was a wonderful addition to the family and everyone who met her loved her. She was the smallest pug here, but had such a presence and took over whatever tasks she felt should be her responsibility, like barking while dinner was being made. That had formerly been Reggie's job, but she decided she could do it better and Reggie seemed to think so too. She would sit and bark with one ear up and one down until her meal was ready.

She talked a lot and was especially happy when we had company for her to cuddle with. Everyone loved her and she loved everyone. She enjoyed going on adventures, especially to the pet store, and the vet, I think they were her favorites because they both gave her treats!

She loved going to the park for long walks as long as she was riding in the stroller, and cuddling on the couch watching tv, especially with the grandkids and sleeping on the bed at night.

Her last six months her health started to fail but she was a fighter and overcame many health issues. Her "sister" Macy started looking after her and barked whenever she thought Phoebe needed help getting up or just needed to be carried around a little more right then.

Phoebe passed away in her sleep here at home and left a big hole in all of our hearts, but also many wonderful memories of her antics packed into the years she was a well loved member of our family.

I often wondered what her life had been like before, and wished we could have had her all of her life but am very thankful for the years she was with us and so happy we adopted her.


A Few Recent Adoption Photos


My husband and I have 2 other Pugs, Emma and Titus. My husband said let's adopt locally. And we found Cora on the SPR website. I knew she was blind and deaf but that didn't make a difference to me. After I heard her story I had to meet her. I first met Cora at LaVonne's home where she was being fostered and then had my home visit. It was a go and LaVonne and her husband brought Cora home on 2/11/2016. Cora was such a doll and fell right into our routine (her way of course) and fit right in.

Even thou she was blind and deaf she always knew where I was, whether it was inside or outside in the yard.

Our Pugs are spoiled. Cora was no exception. Daily walkies, homemade treats, special diets, pedicures, sunbathing in the summer, cozy in front of the wood stove in the winter, sleeping with us (and we don't disturb them either), and yearly family trips to the lake for vacation. Everything revolves around our Pugs. When Cora couldn't walk anymore I got her a stroller so we could still do daily walkies with Daddy, Emma, and Titus.

In October of last year she could no longer walk with her back legs so we got her some doggy wheels. She did ok for a couple of months but then couldn't get around with her front legs very well. I knew she was frustrated and her mind was starting to go. She finally had had enough and crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on 1/23/18, on her own, when she was ready, and here at home. I miss this little Pug. She was such a joy and such a character. She is missed terribly.

Thank you SPR for rescuing her and bringing her into my life. You are truly God sent. Bless you for what you do for our little 4 legged Puggies. We will adopt from you again.

Karyn and Alan

Clue, Aida & Boston

I had grown up always having dogs, but my wife hadn't. I never felt our home was complete, but my wife had some unfortunate interactions with dogs as a child, and was unsure about having them in our home. Having had Pugs before, I knew that their disposition would be perfect for someone who had reservations. Seattle Pug Rescue suggested that we start as a foster home to see how things worked out. I credit my wife for having the courage and trust to begin our journey. Although our home is now full, we still foster from time to time when the need arises.

Clue came to us barely weighing 14 pounds. He had a permanent spinal condition that prevented him from being able to articulate his hind legs. He adapted to his disability and was able to get around in the house, but going out for walks was only possible with his wheelchair. It was obvious that he was not only starved of food, but also of attention. Considering all the things that were stacked against him, he still had the warmest disposition when he arrived and was eager to just snuggle and watch TV. He was the comedian of the group, always tilting his head, or lifting his ears. He sang for his supper and was the champion at tug-of-war with the other Pugs. My wife commented one day that it was unfortunate that he was handicapped, to which I replied that apparently no one had told him that he had any limitations. It was truly something to watch him as he hobbled around the house keeping up with the others and playing hard. I never knew a dog that was so inspiring. Sadly, Clue passed away in December 2016.

Aida showed up without any history, as she was found abandoned. It was evident that she had been previously mistreated. She did not like to be held, nor would she come when called. Even petting her was difficult as she was very head shy at first. She did bond with Clue, which helped him immensely with his separation anxiety. It took a few months, but Aida finally began to trust us, and now she wants to cuddle and nap all the time. She never lets me out of her sight, and will get up from her nap if I leave the room just to follow me around. She loves to be held now, even by strangers. She attended this year's Pug Gala, and was anxious to greet everyone there. Aida has taken the role of leader of our grumble and does a good job of keeping the boys in line.

Boston was a stray that was taken in by another rescue and then transferred to Seattle Pug Rescue. It was apparent that he had been well cared for previously. He knew lots of commands, was house broken, and excellent in the car or on a leash. How he lost his previous home will always be a mystery. Soon after he came to us as a foster, he developed a serious medical condition that nearly claimed his life. Seattle Pug Rescue was able to provide him the necessary medical care that he needed, including major surgery. The veterinarians credited us with saving his life by identifying his illness and seeking help quickly. His condition would have been fatal in a few hours without proper care. Boston has recovered fully, and is a healthy Pug now. He has become our little Sergeant at Arms. He sounds revelry every morning by banging the bed to wake us up. He supervises meal time, and inspects everyone's bowls to make sure no food was left behind. He is the first to sound the alarm when someone is at the door, or when one of his people come home.

It would be fair to say that none of our Pugs were ideal when they first came to us. Each had their own problems to overcome. I never imagined us with a "grumble" of Pugs, it just happened that way, and my wife and I couldn't be happier or feel more blessed. For anyone considering adoption, my advice would be to have patience with your new Pug. All of ours turned out to be loving, but it took several weeks, and in some cases a few months for their true personalities to show, and for them to build trust of people again. Give them some time and a chance, and you will be rewarded tenfold.

- David



We have always been pug lovers, and had a sweet blind old pug named Tonka for the last 11 years. Because he could no longer go to the dog park or meet other dog friends, we thought that adopting a pug would be great to keep him company (and add more joy and shedding to our family!).

From the moment Stanley barged into our home last November, we knew he was for us. He made himself right at home and was incredibly patient and loving with Tonka. Right from the beginning, he seemed to understand that Tonka needed extra help and let a lot of things slide (like Tonka constantly running into him full force). He's very playful, wonderful with our kids, and prefers to sleep fully under the covers.

We recently had to say goodbye to sweet Tonka, and are very thankful to have Stanley's companionship and love. We feel like he's been part of our family forever and can't imagine life without him!



We are so thankful to have Bruno (formerly known as Tanq) as part of our family. He's such a joyful little guy; fills our home with so much laughter. From day one he's made himself at home and embraced life at the beach. He follows my husband and I from room to room always wanting to be close to his people.

Bruno thoroughly enjoys his daily walks and loves running on the sand. He's even been out in the canoe and sailboat, with a life vest of course! While he did well in both, he's pretty low-key and would rather stay home and sun himself on the deck.

His sister Annie, a 6 year-old pup from Ohio Pug Rescue, has warmed to her "little brother." It was a one-pug house for several years so it's all a little new for her. She enjoys chasing him around on the beach and is happy to share her toys. We've gotten them to play "tug" with one another a few times.

A big "THANK YOU" to SPR for all of your work in rescuing and caring for Bruno. Hard to believe this sweet little guy was ever an unwanted stray. Due to your dedication and commitment Bruno now has a safe and loving home; a success story for sure!



I just wanted to thank you guys for all that you do for the swishy faced pugs. I got Moxie from you 4 years ago (she was rescued from a puppy mill after having too many liters) and she's been my soulmate ever since. Moxie is an honorary member of my band, and loves to go to shows with us. I work at Mud Bay, and she loves coming to work, taste testing all the dog treats, and greeting the 4 legged customers. I recently got a tattoo of her, and I'm thrilled that she's going to be in my upcoming wedding. I'm hoping to adopt another pug in the next year from you guys. Keep up the great work!


Emma and Willow

Willow & Emma are incredibly sweet, goofy, inseparable and have even gotten our other pug (Guinness) to come around. Which is impressive considering he's not particularly dog friendly and was very content being an only dog. These two might be a little older, but are still full of energy, love to play and get excited for their daily walks.

From the moment she showed up Emma walked in like she owned the place. That hasn't changed, but she still lets Guinness think he runs the house. When Emma wants attention (which is often) she wants it now and will let you know when your job is done. If you try to stop, pet one of the other pups, or even scratch your nose she will quickly reach out with her paw and grab your hand pulling it back to her.

Willow was a little more hesitant, but it really didn't take her long to settle in. She's just a love bug who loves her belly rubs and being next to her sister.

We look forward to many more years with Emma (aka Emma Lou), Willow (aka Willow Wonka), and Guinness (Aka Guinny-Pig) taking up the bed and shedding all over everything.


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