Where can I come to visit the pugs?
We do not have an office or kennel facility that you can visit. The address listed on the website is our mailbox only. Our pugs are fostered at the homes of our wonderful volunteers, all throughout the Puget Sound area.

Why are available pugs not shown on the website?
Because of the potentially quick turn-around of pugs coming into rescue and being placed, we are no longer showing them on the website. We have learned it is frustrating for adopters to see an available pug and fall in love with her, only to find out she has been adopted. We will often feature one available pug, rotating them as often as possible.

I submitted my application - what happens next?
Once your application is received, it is reviewed and assigned to a home-check volunteer near your area. The volunteer will contact you and arrange a time to come out to your home, meet you, and discuss your application. If you are on the east side of the state, we may make other arrangements. As we are all volunteers, this process may take up to a month - please be patient. We reserve the right to deny an application.

I had my home check, why have I not received a pug?
Sometimes it takes a while to get a pug into rescue that is a good match for you, based on what you are looking for and your home check. For example, if you want a young pug, we don't get many into rescue and there is often a waiting list. If you want a specific age range, sex and color, it can take a while for one to come in. If you work full time, we want to match you with a pug that is used to being home alone all day. Please keep in mind that it is not first come first "serve", but it is about matching pugs with families that will provide the best home for their needs for this lifelong commitment.

Do you accept multiple payments for an adoption fee?
No. Payment must be made in full at the time you pick up your new friend.

Are adoption amounts negotiable?
No. We understand that you may not agree, but ask that you respect our policies.

I emailed/left a voicemail - why haven't I heard back?
Again - we have no office facility. This means there is no one sitting at the computer or manning the phone. We are all volunteers at SPR; it may take a few days for us to return your phone call or respond to your email. It might help to keep in mind that we are not a Fortune 500 corporation, we are a volunteer rescue organization. Expecting corporate-style turnaround times is an exercise in unnecessary frustration for everyone involved, including you. We do not have the time to answer questions already addressed on the website, so please read through this thoroughly before contacting.

How can I contact the previous owner / new adoptive family?
We have a closed adoption policy. This means we will not give you information on a previous owner, nor will we give out any information about the new adoptive family.

I want a puppy. How often do you have puppies in rescue?
Seldom do we ever have puppies in rescue. If you are absolutely looking for a puppy here, you are not understanding the whole point of rescue, and this is not the website for you. If you want a puppy, please contact the Puget Sound Pug Dog Club for a list of breeders.

I work full time and wondering if a pug is a good fit for me?
Pugs need to be involved members of their family and be able to spend hours each day with them, getting attention and cuddles in order to thrive. This is something that many people do not realize when they want to adopt, foster or purchase a pug, and we see many pugs come into rescue because they are considered "too needy" by their family. It is their nature to follow their person around the house, going into every room with them, wanting to be held and go with the family as much as possible. Pugs are companion dogs and will not be happy if they spend too much time alone.

My 3-year-old toddler loves dogs - why can't I adopt?
It is SPR's policy not to place a pug into a home with a child(ren) under 6 years of age. We have come to this conclusion after years of placing dogs and have taken these experiences into consideration to develop the guidelines we use today. You may not agree, but please respect our policy.

Do you accept puggles or other pug mixes?
Unfortunately, we just don't have the resources to take puggles or other pug mixes into rescue any more; there are so many pugs that need help and we can't do it all. So as of May 1, 2013 we no longer accept puggles or other pug mixes. If you need to surrender a puggle or other pug mix, please contact one of the local rescue organizations that are not breed-specific. Some suggestions found on PetFinder:

Rescue Every Dog * Motley Zoo Animal Rescue * P.A.W.S. * Love a Mutt Pet Rescue * NOAH

Do you offer long term pug sitting?
No, we are not a boarding facility. Our volunteers foster pugs for permanent placement into new homes. If you are needing long term boarding because you are going out of town for a few months, please look at our Friends page for recommendations.

My pug needs surgery that I cannot afford. Can you help with medical costs?
Unfortunately, we cannot help with medical expenses. Our fundraising raises enough money to cover the costs of our pugs in rescue. Please see our page If You Need Help for a list of organizations that can help.

Contact information: 253-655-PUGS (messages only)

Please be aware that this is a volunteer organization.
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