Brewster - Update from his Foster

Brewster is one of the smartest pugs I have ever met. He is blind (can sense light but that's it), and mostly deaf. But he figured out the layout of our house and how to get around very quickly. He has a Halo Collar to help him navigate new places, but doesn't need it in the house anymore. He lets us know when he has to go potty, can climb up and down the two steps outside by himself, he clearly can tell time because he knows when 5:30 hits and its time for dinner, and is not shy about begging for attention. He loves sit on your lap, or by your feet and keep you warm. We are still working on walks, he is getting much better, but still is very timid. I can only imagine what it must be like to have to trust the person walking you to keep you safe when you can't hear or see. I think he will be a good walking partner as long as he is kept on a consistent route that he can learn to navigate. He has two stuffies that he plays with, his favorite is his little bear. He throws it up, loses it, and then barks because he can't find it. It is the funniest thing to witness. He adores all of us, has been great with our kids, and the many kids in the neighborhood.


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