We Need Help for Lola!

Lola has a major medical issue that we are raising money to treat. Read more below...

Lola came to us from a hoarding situation. She's a beautiful 4 year old girl who has a great personality - she loves to greet people and loves other dogs. Her foster has nick named her "Love Bug". She loves to snuggle, sitting on your lap and laying back so you can scratch her chest as she falls asleep.

Unfortunately, Lola has a major heart condition. Her foster took her to be spayed, and even though she had seen other vets, this one discovered she has a third-degree atrioventricular (AV) block. It is life threatening. The vet says she needs to see a cardiologist ASAP for more testing to get a complete diagnosis, and to see if there is anything to be done to help her, such as medications or surgery.

Please make a donation of any amount to help Lola get the care she needs. She is being loved and cared for now, but she needs to start her new life as healthy as she can. After living in a terrible situation, Lola deserves everything we can do to help her. Thank you!

You can make a donation via PayPal to rescue@seattlepugs.com. Please choose "Sending to a friend" so we don't incur fees.

Or you can send a check, please write on there "For Lola" in the memo. Send to:
Seattle Pug Rescue
PMB #162
5806A 119th Ave SE
Bellevue, WA 98006

Lola is not currently available for adoption.

Available Pugs Spotlight: Tippy and Brewster

Tippy (female) and Bewster (male) are a bonded pair and love to cuddle together. They are both 11 years old and mostly blind and deaf.

They were in terrible shape when they came in to rescue, underweight with many untreated problems including skin, ear and digestive problems. But thanks to their great foster family and great care from the vet, they are improving daily and are looking forward to a new permanent home.

Tippy is working on gaining some much needed weight, now that a few more health issues have been treated. She has a halo which has helped her navigate in the house.

Brewster is doing much better too, now that his health issues are being addressed and is also gaining weight. He loves to cuddle! Brewster gets around inside very well, he is a smart boy & adapts fairly fast to his surroundings. He does not like going for walks yet but his foster is working on it.

They should be placed together in a home where someone is there most of the time, and ideally in a home with no stairs. They are house trained, get along with other dogs, and love attention from kids over 7 or so (the foster family kids & neighbor kids all play with them).


Update from their foster:

We have been fostering Brewster and Tippy for a few months now. If I am being honest, when I first told my husband we were going to have 2 foster pugs at once, he was skeptical. However, once these two came into our home he quickly realized how much they needed us. They came to us skinny, with ear infections, bad skin, sores on their bodies, parasites, bad teeth, you name it, it felt like they had it all, and not in a good way. They were calm, except for the itching, and slept ALL the time. It took a couple of trips to the vet to get all of their health needs figured out, get there teeth taken care of, and on the mend. The transformation in these two has been nothing short of amazing. Once they were feeling better, they came alive. Their adorable personalities started to shine.

Brewster - he is one of the smartest pugs I have ever met. He is blind (can sense light but that's it), and mostly deaf. But he figured out the layout of our house and how to get around very quickly. He has a Halo Collar to help him navigate new places, but doesn't need it in the house anymore. He lets us know when he has to go potty, can climb up and down the two steps outside by himself, he clearly can tell time because he knows when 5:30 hits and its time for dinner, and is not shy about begging for attention. He loves to cuddle with Tippy, or with our pug, but he will also sit on your lap, or by your feet and keep you warm. We are still working on walks, he is getting much better, but still is very timid. I can only imagine what it must be like to have to trust the person walking you to keep you safe when you can't hear or see. I think he will be a good walking partner as long as he is kept on a consistent route that he can learn to navigate. He has two stuffies that he plays with, his favorite is his little bear. He throws it up, loses it, and then barks because he can't find it. It is the funniest thing to witness. He adores all of us, has been great with our kids, and the many kids in the neighborhood.

Tippy - she is our little princess right now. We have never had a girl pug, and it has been fun to have her around. She is more timid than her brother and took more time to acclimate to our home. She wore her Halo collar for quite a while before she was able to navigate the house without bumping in to everything. Now however, she is walking around like she owns the place. She loves to cuddle with her brother, or with our pug. She loves attention, she may have the fastest tail in the Pacific Northwest, it wags at super speed when she is getting attention. So far only sits and  cuddles for short periods of time. She requires help on the two stairs going in and out to the yard, she has done the stairs a few times, but honestly, I think this princess just wants to be pampered. Walks are not her thing, so we have started taking her out in our doggie stroller. She is anxious when she leaves the house, whether it's a short trip to the pet store, or to the vet. We are trying to help her overcome this fear and our walks in the stroller have so far been fairly successful. She especially like the bus stop where all of the neighborhood kids dote on her.

I can't wait to see these two find their forever home. They are so deserving of someone to love and care for them forever. Until that day comes, we will continue to love and spoil them as much as we can.


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