November is Adopt A Senior Pet Month!

This month we'll be featuring our wonderful senior pets available for adoption!

Pugs are considered seniors when they turn 8 years old. But these "seniors" are energetic, loving, and have lots of life to live! Sometimes seniors have mobility, vision or hearing issues, but they still have a great quality of life and make wonderful companions.

Eight is the average age of pugs we get in. Which means that we get pugs surrendered that range from puppy to 14 years old. Sadly, this means that most of our dogs are seniors, having been removed from the homes they have been the majority of their lives. They need loving, caring forever homes, and in return will give you unconditional love, snuggles, smiles and snorts!

This time a year we see a surge in pugs being surrendered to us. And this year is no exception. We need people to bring the wonderful senior pugs into their homes for the holidays. If you can't adopt, please consider fostering!

Mac and Tosh are 12 year old, very bonded pair of males. They were rescued from a terrible situation when they were one year old, and have been in the same home since. Sadly, their owners had an unfortunate life change and cannot keep them. We know they are house trained and healthy, and one of them is an energetic little walker. They are also good with kids and cats. We will find out more information soon.

*We are looking for a foster or adoptive home for them*

Tippy (female) and Baxter (male) are a bonded pair and love to cuddle together. They are both 11 years old and mostly blind and deaf.

They were in terrible shape when they came in to rescue, underweight with many untreated problems including skin, ear and digestive problems. But thanks to their great foster family and great care from the vet, they are improving daily and are looking forward to a new permanent home.

Tippy is working on gaining some much needed weight, now that a few more health issues have been treated. She has a halo which has helped her navigate in the house.

Baxter is doing much better too, now that his health issues are being addressed and is also gaining weight. He loves to cuddle! Baxter gets around inside very well, he is a smart boy & adapts fairly fast to his surroundings. He does not like going for walks yet but his foster is working on it.

They should be placed together in a home where someone is there most of the time, and ideally in a home with no stairs. They are house trained, get along with other dogs, and love attention from kids over 7 or so (the foster family kids & neighbor kids all play with them).

Bella came to us after her owner surrendered her to a shelter. This doll is 7 years old and has overcome many things in her life. She loves everyone & is good with cats, dogs and even the turtle in her foster home. She is also very good small children. She has a couple of medical issues - she is fecal incontinent and has breathing issues if she is upset or excited.

Best home for Bella will be one in which she doesn't need to climb stairs (if there are stairs she needs to be carried up and down), and she can be taken out to go potty frequently during the day. She makes a wonderful companion and loves to be with her person as much as possible. She is such a dear girl and will be a wonderful companion to someone who loves her devotion and charm.

Rosie and Lilly are a pair of bonded girls that must be adopted together. More info coming soon!

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