Available Pugs

Pugs come into rescue and are often quickly placed, making it difficult to maintain an accurate showing of who is available. We have several pugs in our care and will provide the information to those who have been approved to adopt. On average we get in 5 pugs a month, and also place that many.

We get in mainly adults and seniors, with our average age at 8. Seldom do we ever have puppies in rescue. Seniors make great companions, so please consider expanding your criteria. If you are absolutely looking for a puppy, please contact the Puget Sound Pug Dog Club for a list of breeders.

Adoption fees range from $50 to $525, depending on age and health of the pug.


We are ONLY accepting applications for senior pugs and those with medical conditions. If you are interested in adopting one of our senior or special needs pugs below, please send an email to rescue@seattlepugs.com.

Zelda is 2 years old and is quite an adorable little girl. She is a pug with a medical challenge of idiopathic epilepsy, which she is being treated for. But Zelda takes every day in stride. She is house trained, somewhat active and very sociable. Zelda does very well with other dogs and childeren, and merely tolerates cats. Due to her medical condition she should be in a home where her loving owner is present most of the time, and ideally with other dogs to play with. Zelda may exhibit anxiety when in a new environment and pace in circles. With a little time and encouragement, she should settle in just fine with her new family.

Zelda loves to hang out in the yard or go on short walks. She is also very happy to be in the house and snuggle in any available lap. Zelda does love her food and will need to have her portions controlled, no matter how hard she tries to tell you otherwise.

Over all, Zelda is a very sweet, loving, and fun little lady.

Nina is a very playful girl, you would not know she is about twelve years old. No one has told her she is a senior citizen! Nina is curious, active, likes to play with other dogs, and most of all enjoy the company of her human family. She will be very happy with a family who is retired, or works from home. She is being surrendered because her owner has develped some ongoing health issues and can no longer give Nina the love and care she needs and is used to.


Adoption Pending! Shelby is about 10 years old and is very easy going and charming. She was rescued from an overcrowded home by a good Samaritan. She is housetrained, loves car rides, and likes to be with her people. She is great with kids and other dogs. Shelby is looking for a home where she can spend time cuddling and hanging out with her family, so preferably a home where someone is there most of the time. She is ready to add much joy to thelucky family who adopts her.

Adopted! Stella is about 8 years old and has had a rough go. Her owner died and she's been shuffled around to a few foster homes. She is sweet and loving, cheerfully greeting her foster parents when they return from outings, sleeping at their feet while they work at their desks, and snuggling next to them while they sit on the sofa. Stella has soft fur and loves to have her tummy rubbed.

Like many rescues, she does have an issue and hers is odd but quite manageable. She originally lived with two other dogs, but does not want to share her home with others now and would be happiest as an only. Stella dislikes all non-pug dogs (and cats), big or small. She will lunge at any non-pug who visits her home, walks by too close when on a leash, or she can see through a fence. Stella will require vigilance to keep her out of trouble. She would do best in a condo, where she cannot see other animals.

While Stella is unusual for a pug in terms of her sociability with other dogs, she is a sweetie with a kind soul and will be perfect for someone looking for a loyal and fun companion. She loves to be with her human family, and is very affectionate with them. She will do best in a home with no young children, but does great with older children and adults.

Adopted! Sanchez is 12 and a sweetheart. He is very active and playful, and will bring toys to play with and bark at the door when visitors arrive. He will suggle and lay on his side for belly rubs, and is generally a sweet, happy boy. He gets along well with all of his foster dogs, and is truly a joy to have as company for the whole household.

He knows how to use the doggie door and has never had an accident in the house. His foster is working on getting a little weight off of him, and that hasn't been a problem considering how active he is. His ideal home would be a place with minimal stairs and hardwood, since his hind legs don't want to move as quickly as he does. All in all, his playful, sweet nature makes him a perfect addition to any home.

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