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In January we suspended adoption applications. We are excited to announce that we will be reopening the application process in the next few days! Please check back soon! In the meantime we have a few available pugs on Available Pugs.

Adoption Applications Suspended

January 29, 2018

For the past year, the majority of pugs coming into Rescue have all been older pugs, who have many ongoing medical issues. These pugs are very hard to place and tend to remain in Foster care for long periods of time. We of course continue to cover all of their medical needs. This sort of care requires devoted foster homes, and we are lucky in that we have these homes. Thank you to our volunteers.

We have also received many more applications than we have pugs available. As of March 6, we have 7 pugs available, and every one of them older and requiring some sort of medical care. We also have well over 100 applications to adopt. And none of those applications are asking for an older, sick pug.

Our organization is all volunteer, and we all have families, jobs, and pugs of our own. It can be hard to come up with extra time required to do Rescue work.

For the above reasons, we are temporarily suspending new applications. This will give us the opportunity catch up with homechecks, and continue working closely with the pugs we do have. Of course we will continue to accept pugs being surrendered.

Please Note!

If you want to adopt a pug from Seattle Pug Rescue, and are willing to wait until we activate the application process, please contact us at and leave your name. We will be keeping a waiting list, and will notifiy you when we are able to reactivate adoption applications.

Also, if you have already applied and have specified a younger pug on your application, and you are now willing to adopt an older pug with medical issues, please notify us and we will modify your application to reflect this.

If you want to adopt a senior or special needs pug, please see Available Pugs for those ready for adoption.

If you are looking for a puppy, a rescue pug may not be right for you. SPR seldom has pugs less than 1 year old. If you will only accept a young pug, we recommend you contact the Puget Sound Pug Dog Club and ask for a list of reputable breeders who will have young puppies.

Thank you for your continued support of Seattle Pug Rescue. We could not do what we do without your donations, adoptions, and volunteer time. We hope to see you at our fundraising events!

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at

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