November is Adopt A Senior Pet Month!

This month we'll be featuring our wonderful senior pets available for adoption!

Pugs are considered seniors when they turn 8 years old. But these "seniors" are energetic, loving, and have lots of life to live! Sometimes seniors have mobility, vision or hearing issues, but they still have a great quality of life and make wonderful companions.

Eight is the average age of pugs we get in. Which means that we get pugs surrendered that range from puppy to 14 years old. Sadly, this means that most of our dogs are seniors, having been removed from the homes they have been the majority of their lives. They need loving, caring forever homes, and in return will give you unconditional love, snuggles, smiles and snorts!

Jackson is 9 years old and recently lost his vision. Even though he cannot see at all, he gets around very well and likes to explore his area. His foster mom said Jackson has had zero accidents in the house, which is great, considering he is mostly blind. He does like to explore and loves to be outside. He will go out and find a nice spot on the lawn to take a nap or just hang out. He also like to nap on the couch and will jump up and down on his own! He can hear more than we thought; especially hearing his name "Jax", clapping, bells, clicker, other dogs barking, food hitting the dish. He hears his foster mom when she says ,"step" (at stairs) or "wall" and he will avoid or step as appropriate. Jackson is a super sweet and mellow dog. He gets along great with other dogs, is really a love pug and will be a great addition to any family who either works from home, is retired, or is home most of the time.

Fanny is a darling little pug packed with personality. She is about 12 years old, and was surrendered to us because of a change in circumstances and declining health of her owners. She is house-trained, and loves to spend her time enhancing the lives of her family with her love and attention. Fanny gets along with children, other dogs, and cannot wait to get settled in her new, permanent home.

Shelby is a very easy going, charming, little female pug who was rescued from an overcrowded home by a good Samaritan. She gets along well with other dogs, is housetrained, and likes to be with her person. She is looking for a home where she can cuddle up and spend time hanging out with the family. Shelby is about 10 years old. She is ready to add much joy to the lucky family who adopts her.

Precious is a 9 year old female who was surrendered by her owner along with her brother (who has been adopted) because of a lifestyle change and was not home enough to care for her. Due to a past injury she has very limited use of her back legs, and diapers are a must because she does not have complete control of her bowels and bladder. Precious can still get around on her own a little but needs to be carried mostly. SPR provided her with a wheelchair, but she seems to be afraid of it, thinking it is chasing her. So she is much more comfortable being carried. Precious loves to sit on the couch and watch tv with her family, loves being carried around or just held, and would like to be taken in a stroller on walks.


About SPR

Seattle Pug Rescue is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to the rescue, care, and placement of unwanted, abandoned, neglected, and abused pugs, giving each a second chance in a loving and caring forever home. SPR accepts pugs regardless of their age, temperament or medical condition. Pugs surrendered to SPR receive necessary medical and dental care; are spayed or neutered and microchipped prior to placement; receive routine vaccinations; and receive behavioral care, if needed.

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